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I started a new position within my company a few months ago. The job change required a desk move, and I looked at my new cube as an opportunity to change things up. In order to set up a productive space and infuse some personality into my homogenous corporate cube, I turned to my favorite source of inspiration, Pinterest. Check out the Org2 Pinterest board #WorkFlow for curated ideas to balance your workspace with function and flare, and keep reading to find out which Pinspirations made it into my everyday #WorkFlow.  

Short Side of L copy2


First, I gave myself a little time in the job. Understanding my work helped me understand the way my space needed to function.  As the Digital Media Coordinator, I manage the websites, mobile apps, and email campaigns for multiple consumer facing brands. To summarize, it involves following similar processes on a regular basis to make updates, collaborating with internal entities and external agencies, editing, providing feedback, testing, testing and then more testing, and there are always SEVERAL things going on at once.

The space I had to work with had a large L shaped desk, a rolling file cabinet, and upper cabinets. And I did my best to turn it into a place I wouldn’t mind spending 40+ hours a week.

Cube Before

My cubicle before


My cubicle after

My cubicle after


Long Side of L

The long side of the L is taken up by my monitors on a sit/stand unit, laptop dock, and phone. This area is purposefully clutter free and decor light to promote focus and productivity. And I covered the file cabinet drawer handles in washi tape and used chalkboard labels, but the true beauty of this area is in the organization of the drawers.

Rolling File Cabinet

The short side of the L desk is more colorful and contains a mix of useful and visually appealing things. This side is awkwardly deep. I took advantage of the depth to create a clear workspace in the front which I use to lay out documents and edit. I placed supplies I need for those tasks and things I don’t mind reaching for towards the back. 

The back wall of my cube was a blank space that I had to negotiate with Taylor Swift for. She thought I should write your name, but I decided on something more practical. There’s a double hook that holds my bag(s) for the day. A single hook to hold the most amazing cascading wall organizer EVER that I found on Amazon! Seriously, the thing holds all my work in progress documents, folds, and travels with me around the office or on trips. And I have a monthly calendar where I write the big picture schedule stuff.  

Back Wall


Part 2: FLARE

I did my best to infuse personality and flare into the function of my space using colors and finishes that I enjoy, but I also ended up with a few pieces that are purely decorative.

Supplies & Art

The sparkle silhouette art of Texas and the Longhorn was made by yours truly at the same Pinterest Project Day where I fought some frustrations, and is probably one of my favorite DIY art projects to date. Repping your alma mater can get a little obnoxious at my company, but I’ve restricted myself to this.

Succulent & MI inherited my predecessor’s succulent plant, and I’m trying my best to keep it alive. And I love the natural plant paired with the graphic chevron print on the “M” I found at Marshalls. Seasonal Area

The right corner has a lending library of business and motivational books along with branded swag I’ve collected over time. While the left corner is a flexible seasonal area that currently hosts my small nod to fall and Halloween (complete with Hedwig’s cousin, Horice).



Lending Library

Overall, I’m really happy with the way things turned out. I get a lot of compliments from coworkers, which is great, and I feel very productive, which is even better!

Trying to infuse your workspace with function and flare? Got a great setup already? Comment below with questions or tell us about your space – I’m happy to help! Need help getting your #workflow on? Contact us and we can make it happen for you!

Moriah Chatman

My goal is to find the best pins out there and inspire you with simple ways to lead a more organized life. In addition to pinning and DIYing, I’m a dancing, traveling, adventurous, book nerd and competitive martial artist from Houston, TX with a degree in Business Marketing. I’m not quite a foodie, but I sure do love food (cajun is my favorite). I volunteer regularly and support causes that promote the arts and youth development. I listen to all kinds of music and dance to it too.