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Spring is the season of new beginnings! It’s all sunshine, fresh scents, cleaning, organizing and getting your life in order. However, I’m a little overwhelmed by the concept of in depth “Spring Cleaning.” Seriously, look at what comes up when you Pinterest “Spring Cleaning”…The checklists are so long and the 30 day challenges would bring some Instagram fitness fanatics to tears.

So this season, I’m taking a simple approach to Spring Cleaning. To kick it off, I’ve chosen 3 commonly frustrating things caused by poor organization that happen to be plaguing me currently, and I’m using Pinterest to inspire solutions. Now I’m sure some of you can relate to these three things…

  1. I can NEVER find my keys when I’m ready to leave.
  2. There are piles of mail on my dining table, mostly addressed to the previous resident of my apartment.
  3. My remotes get lost WAY too often.








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Furthermore, I want to ensure I turn these PINspirations into a reality, so I’ve built in some accountability by scheduling a Pinterest Project Day with friends on April 18. I have until then to select a solution and find any supplies I may need.

Here is where you come in…I would love to hear how you’ve solved these frustrations and others in your life. Or tell us about the frustrations you haven’t quite figured out yet and we’ll do our best to help. Leave a comment below or send me a pin.

Moriah Chatman

My goal is to find the best pins out there and inspire you with simple ways to lead a more organized life. In addition to pinning and DIYing, I’m a dancing, traveling, adventurous, book nerd and competitive martial artist from Houston, TX with a degree in Business Marketing. I’m not quite a foodie, but I sure do love food (cajun is my favorite). I volunteer regularly and support causes that promote the arts and youth development. I listen to all kinds of music and dance to it too.