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A few months ago I did an exclusive first impression review on the Rituals for Living Dreambook+Planner while they were still in the Kickstarter phase, hoping to fund their project. I was given a PDF version of the inside layout of the planner and did a review on the process. You can find that review here.

Their Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded and I recently received my physical copy. I wanted to share my thoughts on the product with you!

Thoughts on the exterior – 8 out of 10

The cover is all white and embossed with the logo. I like how it has a slight etching look to it. I also like that the embossed logo does not have a color fill, so it looks like it’s just an all white cover unless you look really closely. Not that I would be ashamed of my Dreambook+Planner, but if the logo was embossed with a color and the flower was super obvious, I would be less likely to bring it around. Just not my personal style.


The cover is made of a coated card stock/cardboard. It won’t tear, but it’s definitely not hard cover and will leave a slight dent. It’s soft enough to be folded all the way back. The insides of the cover on both sides are glossy and feature a serene (for me) print in black and white. The page immediately after or before the cover is normal matte print.


The book size is 10 inches tall and 7 inches wide, and about 0.75 inch thick. It’s not super lightweight, but it is definitely easy to carry (think like a workbook back in school) and not as heavy as some other planners like the Day Designer. I use the Kate Spade purse below often, and it can fit inside when placed horizontally but not vertically. It’s important to me that things are relatively portable, so I was happy to see that it fit inside.



Thoughts on the interior – 9 out of 10

The first thing I noticed was an unfortunate misprint! As soon as you open the cover, you’ll see a black box where I imagine the Facebook logo was supposed to go. It’s NOT a big deal; it does not affect the functionality of the planner in any way. Just unfortunate to see it right when you open the book!


DSC01842c copy

The paper is easy to write on and and my pen glided smoothly. I wrote on it with one of my favorite pens, the uni-ball Signo 207 in Medium point and it did not bleed through the paper.



I wrote on one side of the paper (picture above) and it did not bleed through the back (picture below).


Thoughts on features – 6 out of 10

The Dreambook+Planner comes with (what I think are supposed to be) bookmarks – one that says “Now” and another that says “Dreams”. I am not fond of these. They are thin pieces of laminated card stock that are not attached to the book and can easily be lost. I see the intention behind them, but I do not think they are an effective way of keeping your place within the book. A ribbon attached to the book would have been much better; at least you wouldn’t lose it. They’re also so thin that I couldn’t find them just now for a second when they were inside the book (without their tops sticking out).



The cover curls up, so an elastic to keep the Dreambook+Planner shut would have been nice. There also is no storage (like a pocket in the back cover that you see in many other planner/notebooks). These are personally useful to me when I need to fold up one or two pieces of paper to bring home that I don’t want getting crumpled in my purse.

While the book does not have physical features, a virtual feature is included with your purchase!  I haven’t used it personally, but I received an email with a website, username, and password to an exclusive Rituals for Living area where there are weekly bootcamp reminders, an exclusive facebook group, videos, and guided meditations. Maybe I’ll try one of the guided meditations tonight…

Customer Service – 10 out of 10

They did a great job of sending email updates as their Kickstarter campaign got funded and progressed. They were honest about their delivery dates and small issues with Amazon. The planner arrived well in time before the New Year (the planner actually starts with December of 2015).  I had no problems with timeliness or the condition of the book when I received it.

OVERALL SCORE – 8.25 out of 10

The lack-luster and lack of features brought the score down, but overall the quality is great. The cover is soft but sturdy, and the paper is easy to write on and my pen did not bleed through. I feel like the bookmarks were a waste, and an elastic to keep the product closed would have been great. It’s not the most compact planner, but it’s not unbearable to carry around. I’m glad it fits in my go-to Kate Spade purse or else I would have personally been turned off. I think the inside layout and process is really where you are getting your money’s worth with this product. Make sure you check out my review of that here. I hope you find this review (and my previous one) helpful!

Did you back their Kickstarter? Did you receive your copy? Let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: I am not being paid to speak about this product. These opinions are my personal truth. I purchased this product with my own money at my own discretion.

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