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I recently picked up the newest issue of what is now my favorite magazine, Real Simple. I just love the articles, tips, and layout of this publication. They always have some sort of focus on organization.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid to promote Real Simple magazine. I purchased the magazine with my own money at my own discretion. I just loved the article so much I had to share my thoughts!
My desk and the October issue of Real Simple.

My desk and the October issue of Real Simple.

This month featured an article written by Stephanie Sisco called “A month of mini organizing moves”. They are really great tips and I decided to sum up my top 3 and why I think they are so useful.



  1. Clear off a surface in minutes – Scan a room and notice where bills, school forms, and takeout menus have accumulated. That’s where you’re naturally inclined to keep that stuff. Mount a storage rack on the wall above and you can keep it all there without cluttering the counter.” (from Real Simple’s Day 2 tip)
    • This is my favorite tip because I see this problem all too much with my organizing clients. They often have a pile of mail on their kitchen counter. They get frustrated as it piles up or if they miss some useful deals within the mailings that have expired by the time they get around to sorting the the pile. The author is so right in suggesting that you stick with that same area, because that is where your brain already associates this pile with, but then improving on it by adding an organizational tool to keep it sorted. If you have a wall, that’s great because you can clear up counter space by using their recommendation of a hanging basket. If you don’t have a wall, try finding an appropriate organizer that isn’t too large and make it a habit to sort through it once it’s full.Here are some that I found on Amazon (click the image to go to the Amazon listing)

      DecoBros Wall Mount 3 Tier Letter Rack Organizer w/ Key Holder, Bronze


      Home Basics Pine Letter Rack with Key Hooks


      Aojia Desk Mesh Collection Mini Stacking Sorter – 3 Section, Ly-9126a

  2. Corral loose coupons and store credits – You’re more likely to cash them if you keep coupons and credits together in one spot that’s easy to access when you’re shopping – and that spot is the car. Use a clear zippered envelope tucked inside the overhead visor.” (from Real Simple’s Day 3 tip)
    • Grouping like with like helps you stay organized and efficient. If your coupons or credits are spread out, some still stuck in mail envelopes or some in your car, you’re less likely to use them. I personally don’t like to hang anything on the visor in my car. I prefer a small, expandable folder that you can easily find in Target or The Dollar Store. Check out my YouTube video here on some that I have found. One of them even has labeled sections for types of coupons (and it was only $1.00!).
  3. Structure the under-the-sink space – That area under a kitchen or bathroom sink is typically a jumbled mess because of the awkward pipes. The fix: Install a two-tier pullout shelf that fits around the pipes to turn the area into a tidier one for cleaning products, cloths, sponges, and more.” (from Real Simple’s Day 20 tip)
    • This is something that I have implemented in my home for a wile. While I don’t necessarily have a two-tier system that goes around the pipes (because of the giant garbage disposal mechanism), I still have a shelf with drawer that I purchased from Ross. It’s truly a space saver and a great way to store lots of little things.

      My under-the-kitchen-sink organizer

      My under-the-kitchen-sink organizer

Which of these tips is the most useful to you? Make sure to pick up the October issue of Real Simple to read all 31 organizing tips!

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