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The last time you heard from me, I was battling three common frustrations. Do you remember what they were? No?…it’s all good. I’ve slept since then too. Here’s a refresher…

  1. I can NEVER find my keys when I’m ready to leave.
  2. There are piles of mail on my dining table.
  3. My remotes get lost WAY too often.

To fight these frustrations, I took to my favorite idea generator, Pinterest! And to ensure I turned my PINspirations into reality, I scheduled a Pinterest Project Day with friends to add some accountability and fun.

Pinning ideas was the easy part. The challenge came when I started shopping. Nothing I found online or in stores matched my pins exactly, so it took some imagination to pull everything together. At the end of it all, I’m very pleased with how things turned out.

moriah 1

KEYS FOUND: I removed the backing and glass from an old picture frame, screwed some hooks into the top and nailed a bracket for hanging on the back. It’s been a little over a week and I’ve jetted out the door with ease each day because my keys have a home. (However, I did forget my work badge this morning, so I think it will live on that fourth hook from now on.)

moriah 2

MAIL TAMED: I bought two mail sorters at Marshalls and placed them back to back. They may get adhered together and glammed up later, but this works for now. The mail is sorted by recipient and displayed in a small vignette on my entertainment stand without being an eyesore. (I bought that “M” for “Moriah” a while back, but it could stand for “Mail” too…don’t judge me.)

moirah 3

REMOTES CONTROLLED (pun intended):  I thrifted a large serving tray that fits perfectly in the middle of or underneath my coffee table. It doesn’t exactly go with my style, so it may get a makeover at some point, but I love that the size also accommodates the wireless keyboard for the smart TV. My remotes now find their way back to their place with room to add more.

So there you have it…Pinterest making my life easier with a few simple steps. I had so much fun working on my PINspirations and being creative with friends that I’ll probably host more Pinterest Project Days in the future. The Organization Organization can help you turn your PINspirations into reality – simple contact us here.

What Pinterest projects have you completed? Let us know in the comments below or share the pin with us on our board. It may help make someone else’s life easier too!

Moriah Chatman

My goal is to find the best pins out there and inspire you with simple ways to lead a more organized life. In addition to pinning and DIYing, I’m a dancing, traveling, adventurous, book nerd and competitive martial artist from Houston, TX with a degree in Business Marketing. I’m not quite a foodie, but I sure do love food (cajun is my favorite). I volunteer regularly and support causes that promote the arts and youth development. I listen to all kinds of music and dance to it too.

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    May 10, 2015

    great post, moriah!