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I usually spend 2 out of 4 weekends with a physical organizing client. I had a big basement project last weekend, so this weekend I told myself I would take a break. Apparently, taking a break means organizing for myself. Guess I really love what I do!

I’ve been wanting to go vertical in my vanity for some time. I decided to go to Ikea and Target to find shelves. All of the wall shelves at Ikea where too wide or too deep. Also, Ikea on the weekend is absolute CHAOS. I ended up finding exactly what I wanted at Target.. and then some (as usual, Target does that to you)!

I purchased the Threshold™ Traditional Shelf Set of 3 from Target.

Threshold™ Traditional Shelf Set of 3


Here is my vanity area before.

It’s pretty organized, but it felt cramped to me.

before 4

before 1

There was a lot of dead space on the white walls waiting to be taken advantage of.

before 2

before 3

Here’s the during… (big thanks to my fiancé for helping with the drilling!)


And here’s the after!

after 4

after 2

after 3

after 1


Adding the wall shelves allowed me to make use of the vertical space around my vanity that was empty. This is one of the best organizing tips I could ever give to anyone. The wall shelves were affordable and easy to install. In addition to clearing up space on the vanity desk itself, it makes the area a little more aesthetically pleasing, too. The blank white walls now have colorful products to brighten them up!

Can you improve the space in your home by going vertical? Check out your local Target or Ikea for affordable wall shelves. And don’t forget to measure your walls BEFORE you go (lesson learned the hard way). Tag us on social media with #GoVertical to show us all what you were able to do!

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