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Inspired by one of Jiliane’s last blog post where she found a perfect entry way table organizer and these beautiful baskets we were sent from GlobeIn, I decided to see what I could do with my own entry way. As you walk into the house, your entry table acts as a landing pad for mail, keys, change, sunglasses, and these baskets are perfect place for just those things. Like Jiliane, I also like to keep my entry way organized and I love the vibrant colors of the beautifully woven baskets and bring a smile to my face when I walk in the door.


entry 1


entry 2


There is another reason the baskets make me smile, and that is because I know that they were handmade by indigenous Oaxacan artisans made in a cooperative in Mexico and colored using natural, water-borne paints. You see, the idea behind GlobeIn is to give this community a steady monthly income and global marketplace for their palm-leaf baskets. In fact, their website also sells other beautiful artisan made products and monthly subscription “baskets” that support small communities like the one in Oaxaca, Mexico.

I also found a use for the baskets in my pantry, to hold my tea and vitamins.


kitchen 1


kitchen 2

What does this have to do with wellness?

Apart from the fact that my mental wellness is better with a clean, organized and happy home – studies show that those who volunteer their time, donate their money, and find ways to support others, feel less stress and have higher overall satisfaction with life. Even if its something as simple as bringing home a small gift for a loved one, as opposed to spending the money on yourself, people tend to experience more satisfaction.

GlobeIn provides one easy way to getting started by supporting artisans from around the world. Whether you subscribe to the monthly themed baskets or find a gift for a friend on the website, GlobeIn’s mission is to “bring you delightful, useful products that have an impactful social mission behind them.” I can tell you that the baskets beautiful colors do bring a smile to my face and many uses to my mind.

Jiliane & Kathryn at the 2015 Oakland CROP Hunger Walk

Jiliane & Kathryn at the 2015 Oakland CROP Hunger Walk

Social good is something that runs deep in the The Organization Organization’s beliefs. The Organization Organization aims to do our part to support all people in their well-being. In April The Organization Organization participated in a hunger walk and has also donated organization time for a local fundraiser in Oakland, California. Whether a small act of kindness or larger support, we hope that every little bit of time we can give will make a difference for someone.

What charities do you support, what initiatives do you believe in? Is there something small you can do to make someone’s day today?

Kathryn McFarland

Organization is imperative for a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to write articles that will inform and inspire you to leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s easier than you think – you just have to get a little organized! Whether it be wellness at work, organizing your desk or organizing your mind (both of which go hand-in-hand), I’ll bring topics to your attention that will make you healthier and happier.