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If you haven’t already seen my video on my first impression about the quality and affordability, you can watch it below!

Please note that I purchased these with my own money at my discretion. These honest opinions are my truth!

I want to talk about the layout of the Day Designer for Blue Sky series at Target. Day Designer and Blue Sky are separate companies who collaborated for this limited edition Target series. Yes, the cuteness of the cover is important, but if you really want to lead a more organized life, the layout of the planner is the most important and that’s what I want to talk about here.

The cover of the Day Designer says it’s The Strategic Planner & Daily Agenda for living a well-designed life.


Thoughts on the process
The first 4 pages of the planner are comprised of a self-reflection section.

  1. Start with the big picture
  2. Set your goals
  3. Design your days
  4. Stay on course




From what I gather, you are supposed to complete this section before starting your planner. You use what you write down to reflect on later on in the year and transfer what you write throughout the planner to help you achieve your goals and lead a “well-designed” life.

I think the most useful sections are #3 and #4. I like number 3 because it asks you to be intentional in your routines. I like #4 because it features a checklist of life events to put into your planner so that you can, well, stay on course – which is the purpose of a planner.

But, it’s up to you to take your answers to these sections and place them in your planner to make sure you implement the changes in your daily life.

Thoughts on the layout of the WEEKLY/MONTHLY planner

This version, unfortunately, doesn’t do too much for me. Besides the front “self-reflection” process section, the layout of the weeks is minimal and just like most planner’s out there. What is different from other planners is that each week has a “top 3 priority”, but besides that it’s just a typical box with space for you to write down to-dos (like you might find from any regular MEAD planner). I do, however, appreciate that there isn’t a time restriction for each day in the weekly view. Don’t get me wrong – this planner will definitely get the job done. If you’re looking for a simple layout just to know what day it is and what you need to do, by all means! But I just think that if you are truly looking for a planner to help you get a little more out of life, you get more value added to your life from the daily version.

Thoughts on the layout of the DAILY planner

Like I just said, I think the daily version of this planner will really help you strategically plan your days and get more out of your planner (and life). On each day, there is

  • A space for your schedule, in 30 minute increments, from 6:00am to 8:00pm. It only takes up 1/3 of the page, which I truly love! The schedule in most planners don’t leave too much time for all the things you need to do.
  • To-dos – with little checkboxes! this is what I do normally so I love this! In the 8×10 version, there are 20 lines.
  • Notes
  • Your top 3 to accomplish that day – this is great for being intentional and goal setting. If you didn’t accomplish EVERYTHING you wanted to in the day, what 3 things would actually make you feel like you did something.
  • “Tonight” box – maybe what you need to buy to cook dinner
  • “Gratitude” box – we shouldn’t take anything for granted. Take a few seconds out of the day to realize what you are blessed to have and thankful for.

I think the elements listed above can truly help you be strategic about your days and help you lead a well-designed life.

As I said in my video, the 8×10 daily version is entirely too large and heavy for me. I wish the daily version came in 6×8 size with the hard cover golden stripes 🙁 There IS a 6×8 daily version available in stores and online, but it was sold out at the 2 Targets near me. I think I am going to try to use what I have and then order a full on Day Designer “Today and To-Do” from Whitney English when they’re back in stock.

Anyways, I think the DAILY DAY DESIGNER is a great investment and would recommend that version instead of the weekly/monthly layout if you’re really looking to get more out of your planner than just something to write your schedule in.

Have you purchased a regular Day Designer? Or have you purchased one from the Target series? What do you think about them?

Jiliane Patriarca

Jiliane is the founder of The Organization Organization, a San Francisco-Bay Area based professional organizing company. After years of working in a variety of industries (food service, health care, financial planning, and communication), she realized that she had gravitated towards the same thing at every single job… organizing! Now she uses her super-powers to help people feel less stressed and cluttered, by transforming their space. It’s her mission to help people become more efficient and productive, so that they can have more time to do the things that make them happy.

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    Sonia Perez

    December 24, 2016

    Hi Jiliane,
    I wanted to know how did you get the Today To-To planner mailed to you? I currently have that planner myself and am looking to purchase another one for the following year. By the way your reviews was the satisfaction I felt when I started to use those planners.