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I have a hard time keeping my house clean – who doesn’t?! My name is Swan, founder of Our Brown Thumbs. I’m a working wife and mom who knows that having a picture perfect place at all times is just not possible when there are actual people living in it everyday. Professionals say that cleaning a little each day is the best way to keep clutter under control.  But in all honesty, after working, commuting, toddler wrangling, and cooking everyday, it’s hard to find the motivation on my own to clean more than absolutely necessary. I recently discovered an app called HomeRoutines which was created for the specific purpose of managing life’s “repeaty” tasks like cleaning the house, and psyching you into actually doing them.

There are tons of to-do apps out there that do a bunch of different things. TONS. Everybody seems to have the same problem. We’ve all got a lot of things to do and we need help getting them done. Let’s get into the details on HomeRoutines…

VISUALS – 1 out of 5

While this isn’t the most important part of the app, it’s still something worth mentioning. It’s not sleek or pretty but it will help you master your routines – and that’s what REALLY matters.


FUNCTIONALITY – 5 out of 5

In the app, you make a list of things you have to do all the time, and schedule when you want to do them. HomeRoutines will remind you of what tasks you need to get done. Check them off as you do them and they will automatically reset for the next time.  I have multiple routines scheduled.

  • The morning routine
  • The evening routine
  • A routine for every day of the week
  • A weekly routine


Some of these things are automatic like washing my face and brushing my teeth because I developed the habit of doing them everyday when I was a little kid. The lame things like making the bed and rinsing breakfast dishes aren’t so automatic, but by putting them in the same routine category as brushing my teeth, my brain starts to associate these actions and it ALL becomes automatic. Ta-da! The routines are completely customizable, so if there are things you want to schedule only for every other Monday during the summer you have that option.


FEATURES – 4 out of 5

This particular app only does one thing but it does it VERY well. It’s not very fancy and it doesn’t sync with any other programs or outside apps.

After I finish the routine I get a gold star for each completed task, and the accomplishment counter records them. At the end of the day I lose all my stars and the routine list resets for the next day. The little kid inside me loves this feature, motivating me to complete my routines so I get my gold stars like back in Kindergarten.


The app has an integrated timer and I use it daily. I clean one room of the house everyday. Tuesday is living room day. When I’m ready to clean, I start the integrated timer on the bottom of the screen and bust dust. Usually when the 15 or 20 minutes is up, I’m done cleaning. If I’m not done when the timer goes off, I’m always almost done so the extra 4 to 5 minutes it takes for me to finish doesn’t bother me.

PRICING – 5 out of 5

Now I know what you’re thinking… This app is so great, I know its not free. You’re right. It’s not free. Its $4.99 BUT knowing how much this app has changed my life, I would have paid three times as much for it, which is why I give it a 5 out of 5. I have definitely gotten a huge return on my investment. I never thought making the bed everyday was a big deal until I started walking into my room at night. It’s really nice, y’all!  Bottom line, I have less stress because I paid $4.99 for this app. Invest in less stress.

OVERALL SCORE: 15 out of 20


  • Automatically resets, no retyping to do lists
  • Very easy to use
  • Reserves urgency for specified time window
  • Makes cleaning less stressful

  • Not a free app
  • No functionality with other programs/apps
  • No social or share-ability aspect

Overall, I think this is a great app. It’s helped me develop a new attitude about cleaning. I would recommend HomeRoutines to my friends and family.  If you set the intention of having a clean home, this will assist you in creating the habits to make that intention a reality. Anyone who does anything on a routine basis would benefit from this app. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve used this app, or if you think you’ll try it out!



Swan Dotson is a working mom and wife who recently relocated from Houston, TX to the Bay Area, CA. Her passion for health and gardening led her to start Our Brown Thumbs, a nutrition and gardening consultancy.

Jiliane Patriarca

Jiliane is the founder of The Organization Organization, a San Francisco-Bay Area based professional organizing company. After years of working in a variety of industries (food service, health care, financial planning, and communication), she realized that she had gravitated towards the same thing at every single job… organizing! Now she uses her super-powers to help people feel less stressed and cluttered, by transforming their space. It’s her mission to help people become more efficient and productive, so that they can have more time to do the things that make them happy.