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I was looking around my home and realized that I really love clear, acrylic and glass organizers! See my favorites below and how I use them in my apartment. I listed where I purchased these products, but you can always check websites like Amazon or eBay.

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Below are my necklace, bracelet, and ring holders. The acrylic bracelet holder is from The Container Store for $15. You can find it here.


This acrylic necklace holder is also from The Container Store. I like it because it rotates! It costs $10 and you can find it here.


I put my rings in this reused candle holder. I originally got the candle from Ross for about $3. After the candle wick was out, I put the jar into a boiling pot of water to let the remaining wax melt. After all the wax was liquid, I disposed of it and cleaned out the jar. Ta da! Try it out.


This is on my fiance’s side of the dresser. It’s not technically jewelry or makeup, but I guess I consider it his guy-equivalent. He doesn’t have as much as I do, but before I gave him this organizer to use these items took up so much space. I really like this one because of the little drawer, which I decided to put his backup sunglasses in. This organizer is from Target and I can’t seem to find it online, but it was in the bathroom section and was around $12.


This is my bathroom vanity area.

2015-05-26 09.55.30 1

I keep my most used products front and center. I found this one at Walmart, but you can also find a similar one on Amazon for $8.

2015-05-26 10.06.55 1

I keep cotton swabs and cotton pads in these 2 small acrylic jars from The Container Store. You can find them here. They cost $4, but I remember getting them during a sale for less. If you prefer one with a hinged lid, check this one out for the same price.

2015-05-26 10.16.23 1

I keep my makeup brushes in these jars I found at a dollar store. The beads are great for keeping small brushes upright and I got them from a craft store for somewhere around $1 as well.

2015-05-26 10.25.31 1

Lastly, I keep the rest of my makeup (face powders and mostly lip products) in this acrylic 3-drawer organizer. It’s from The Container Store. I was originally in the bathroom section looking for something like this, but everything was too small or had silver knobs on it. I didn’t want this because I knew all of my other clear organizers on my vanity didn’t have it. Just as I was about to give up, I ventured over to the Office supply section where I found exactly what I wanted! It costs $15 and you can find it here.

2015-05-26 10.48.07 1

 The acrylic lipstick organizer on top is where I keep my favorites. You can find it here for $5.

I clearly have a thing for The Container Store, I know! I just love taking my time and walking around and, most importantly for me, actually seeing and touching the item. It’s calming and stress-relieving. The danger with ordering online when you don’t know exactly what you want is that it may not fit or work with the space you have. But I hope you found this helpful in case you do choose to order online or just needed ideas for affordable organizers!

Let me know in the comments if you found this helpful and which of these is your favorite. Also, if you have any other stores (brick and mortar OR online) that you recommend I check out, leave those below too!

Jiliane Patriarca

Jiliane is the founder of The Organization Organization, a San Francisco-Bay Area based professional organizing company. After years of working in a variety of industries (food service, health care, financial planning, and communication), she realized that she had gravitated towards the same thing at every single job… organizing! Now she uses her super-powers to help people feel less stressed and cluttered, by transforming their space. It’s her mission to help people become more efficient and productive, so that they can have more time to do the things that make them happy.