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One of the timeless organization obstacles faced by people across the globe: what to do with all these darn shoes? This is especially true for those who live more northward and find themselves with roughly two “sets” of shoes to stay seasonally appropriate. Of course, there are also those of us who just love shoes and don’t actually have the weather to fall back on as an excuse.

If it’s getting to the point where your shoes are letting you live in their home, check out these tips for a little organization and a lot of peace of mind.

  1. Shelves Aren’t Just for Photos
photo credit: Brittany Ambridge,

photo credit: Brittany Ambridge,

Do you have shelves in your room? You can ditch the trinkets and picture frames to keep your nicest shoes on display. This technique is especially great for the women who have a boast-worthy collection of heels and flats, and the men who have some dapper style themselves. When you think about it, a good shoe is like a beautiful work of art anyway. So think outside the box and onto the shelf.

  1. One Man’s Trash Is another Man’s Treasure
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photo credit:

This is a fun idea for more sporty shoes or for your kids’ shoes (if their shoes are big enough to fit it in the newly created spaces.) Find an old pallet like the kind that retail stores deliver their products on. Give it a nice stain, coat of fresh paint, or let it go au naturel. Lay it vertically against a wall with the slats running parallel to the ground and slide the shoes into the spaces.

  1. Let it Slide

If you have room under your bed, go out to the thrift store and buy yourself one or more large picture frames. The more shoes you have, the bigger the frames you’ll want and the more of them. (Who are we kidding – buy all the frames they have!) Place all your shoes on them and voila, you have an easy slide-in and slide-out makeshift drawer.

  1. Put Your Furniture to Use

Do you have a wardrobe, open bookcase, or cabinet that isn’t being used to its full potential? You have a use now. Finding miscellaneous cubbies and crevices can go a long way for organization, so look at your domain a bit more creatively to see what’s available. If you have a glass cabinet why not display your shoes! (Use the same “artwork” concept from idea #1 of course.)

  1. If You Can Swing It, Go Custom
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photo credit:

If you’ve never looked into the sweet, sweet relief you’ll get from a custom closet, we highly encourage it. Not just for shoes, a professional organization company can take any space and whip it into shape seamlessly maximizing space while showcasing your interior design themes. The result? Organization you’ve only dreamed of, backed up with style and class to boot. Pun intended.

Do you have any creative shoe organization tips? Share them with us!


Amanda JohnstonThis is a guest blog post written by Amanda Johnston.

Amanda Johnston is a recent college graduate and avid writer. While her primary focus in college was Psychology, Johnston minored in English Literature and Design.  She fills her constant need for organization by using unique D.I.Y. storage solutions and thrifty vintage pieces; occasionally allowing the pros to come in and work their magic. In her spare time, Johnston enjoys beach breaks and lounging with her pup.

Jiliane Patriarca

Jiliane is the founder of The Organization Organization, a San Francisco-Bay Area based professional organizing company. After years of working in a variety of industries (food service, health care, financial planning, and communication), she realized that she had gravitated towards the same thing at every single job… organizing! Now she uses her super-powers to help people feel less stressed and cluttered, by transforming their space. It’s her mission to help people become more efficient and productive, so that they can have more time to do the things that make them happy.