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Whether you live in an itty-bitty apartment in the city, or a roomy home in the suburbs, the key to enjoying a nest that feels calm and spacious is by maximizing one thing: storage space

With limited storage space and too many belongings, we’re left to cram our items into overstuffed drawers, shelves and closets. Trust me, overflowing nooks and crannies are not fun OR effective!

Here are 5 pro tricks for saving space, so that your dwelling feels bigger, tidier and homier.

1 – If you don’t love it, lose it: 
Call me captain obvious, but sometimes the simplest tips are the most effective. The quickest way to create HUGE results in your space is to declutter. This means that if you don’t use an item regularly and don’t find joy in it, you should donate it, toss it or give it to a friend that’ll cherish it. By only owning the essentials, your home will become tidy and spacious with minimal effort. To grab some inspiration on how to get decluttered quickly, check out 3 Decluttering Tactics that will Transform your life.

 2 – Always go vertical
Use every possible opportunity to maximize your vertical space. Look at a room and see if there’s blank space between the floor and ceiling, and ask yourself: Can I store something here? If the answer is yes, consider bringing in a tall bookshelf, installing hooks on empty wall space, stacking bins on top of shelves, or using stackable shelving to fill up all the space under the sink. For more ideas, on going vertical, check out Round up: Making use of Vertical Space.

3 – Use Non slip hangers: 
The closet is one area where nearly all of us could use a bit more wiggle room. Ladies, am I right? Wooden or plastic clothing hangers are quite popular, but they waste a lot of space. When I work with clients on their closets, the first thing we do is switch out their old wire, plastic and mismatched hangers. By using all thin non-slip hangers, the clothing rack becomes more spacious immediately. Being able to slide your clothing from side-to-side on the hanging rod allows you to find your favorite blouse easily!

4 – Go digital
Whether we love it or loath it, our world is going digital and we have to get on board. When used strategically, technology can make everything easier! With new tools like Google Photos, Legacy Box and Evernote, going digital and staying organized has become a no-brainer! Soon our books, recipes, tax documents, photos, and more will all be digital. Consider finding a category in your home that you’re ready to make the transition with. For many, it’s shrinking down their CD or DVD collection. For others, it’s scanning all those receipts that are scattered around their desk. Grab your computer, and get to work! It’s time to embrace the change.

5 – Use hidden storage
If you’re tight on space, hidden storage is an out-of-the box way to make your home feel more spacious. A hollowed out ottoman, paintings that double as cabinet doors, and under-the-bed pullouts are fantastic options for maximizing storage space in unexpected locations. For more ideas, check out  Double Take: Hidden Storage. 



Melody Mesick is the co-founder of, a community website dedicated to teaching creative professionals how to streamline and simplify their lives, to maximize SPACE! Space to create a happy home, space to pursue their dreams, and space to live with intent and peace of mind.

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Jiliane is the founder of The Organization Organization, a San Francisco-Bay Area based professional organizing company. After years of working in a variety of industries (food service, health care, financial planning, and communication), she realized that she had gravitated towards the same thing at every single job… organizing! Now she uses her super-powers to help people feel less stressed and cluttered, by transforming their space. It’s her mission to help people become more efficient and productive, so that they can have more time to do the things that make them happy.